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Capitola Fitness Personal Training Programs In the Gym or the Water....
Our personal trainers are great motivators who can keep your workouts updated, fresh and interesting so that you get the best results from your efforts. They will focus on any aspect of your fitness program you feel needs special attention including motivation, variety, exercise modification or meeting a specific training goal. We have many training options to meet your needs.
One-on-One Personal Training
30 Minute Sessions - For those needing a quick program change or specific need or question addressed.
One Hour Sessions - complete workouts designed to meet your specific health and fitness needs.
Packages - for those with longer term fitness goals or health concerns.
Small Group Training - Share the pleasure, pain, and cost of the hour with friends with similar goals for an affordable alternative to personal training.

Mary Doyle: As fitness director at Capitola Fitness, she organizes the aerobic schedule and manages the instructors and personal trainers. Mary has been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years doing everything from business owner, club owner, nutrition counselor, personal trainer to instructor. As an instructor, classes ranged from chair to Ab Lab, to kickboxing. As a Personal Trainer she has worked with all ages, from preteens to seniors, assisting with weight loss and maintenance, injury rehabilitation, strength gain, balance and flexibility. Analyzing your lifestyle requirements, she will develop personalized programs and work with you to implement them. Mary believes that exercise should enhance your quality of life and not take it over. Get in, Get it done, Go enjoy your life.

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Mike Bodge: Mike has over 20 years of fitness experience, including working as a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, fitness director and management. He has worked as an owner/manager since 1999 and is now owner of Capitola Fitness. He holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise and is a USA Cycling Coach. He is an expert in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training. He's a firm believer that fitness will improve all aspects and quality of your life. The keys to success in fitness training are motivation, education, safety, and fun. Mike also has several black belts and is former National Kickboxing Champion. Having a top notch personal training department is a priority at his club.

Brittany Barrett : Brittany has an Associates Degree in Kinesiology. Originally a culinary student she switched focus to pursue her love of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. She continues her passion for food by writing a healthy living/fitness blog with healthy recipes and being a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach. Always active in high school, playing softball and cheerleading; she coached the cheerleading team for 2 years after graduating. She is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified Personal Trainer and NASM Weight Loss Specialist. When not working she enjoys running, reading and spending time hiking and working out with her husband.

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Joan Romero: Joan has spent much of her career in the gym setting and enjoys working with all levels of exercisers to address their fitness and nutrition needs. She trains both individuals and small groups, and enjoys helping her clients set goals and then attain measurable results by providing them with balanced, sensible workouts. She is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist. In addition to personal training appointments, she is available for individual and small group nutrition counseling. Drawing from all her experience she designs her clients' workouts to be fun, challenging and to deliver results. When she isn't in the gym, Joan enjoys spending time with her husband Mike, son Ben and their somewhat unruly yellow lab Moses.
Laura Albrecht: Laura has been working in the fitness industry since 2009 and is thrilled to be serving the Capitola Fitness community. Laura blends her experience as a Personal Trainer (ACE), Therapeutic Exercise Specialist (ACE), Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), Spinefulness Instructor, and Physical Therapy Aide to offer members a unique blend of training that incorporates strength, flexibility, mindfulness, and postural alignment. Laura believes that exercise serves people best when it is done in mindful, safe, and efficient way. She studies populations of people that experience very low incidence of back/joint pain and works with cutting edge teachers to teach the postures and movement patterns that are safest for the human body. Laura is confident in designing exercise programs that are sensitive to those with injuries, surgeries past or pending, tension, and back pain. Often, small changes in posture and increased awareness of long-lived tensions in the body can be a catalyst for massive change and lasting relief.
Gabe Kryst: Growing up in Santa Cruz, Gabe excelled in Football (offensive lineman of the year in 2006), wrestling (second place all league), and also in leadership. He was team captain in both sports during Soquel’s championship years. Although he was always very athletic he struggled with weight issues. Gabe was heavy as a child and obese as a teenager. He lost over 100 pounds in his mid teens in order to keep up with his sports. Fast forward…he was waylaid with depression and gained some back. He conquered his depression and rediscovered his passion for fitness and lost 70 pounds in the process. He became a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) because he wanted to share his story, success and inspire and help others reach their goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength or train for sports, Gabe is ready to help!
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Lynn Difley: Lynn has taught strength training and group exercise classes for over 35 years and is IDEA, Nautilus, AEA and Arthritis Foundation certified. She conducts classes and individual programs in back care, strength training for seniors, chair exercise, balance and mobility classes, flexibility improvement, deep and shallow water exercise classes, and specialty classes such as arthritis foundation, fibromyalgia and osteoporosis prevention workouts. If you want to take your fitness level up a notch or are looking for an exercise prescription tailored to your personal needs, she would love to work with you on an individualized program to meet your fitness goals and desires.

Jeanne Rouff: Jeanne has been in the fitness industry since 2001. She started as an Aerobics Instructor teaching classes ranging from Cardio Kickboxing to Shallow & Deep Water to Pilates. As a professional educator, she holds a Masters in the Art of Teaching and strives to help each individual set and achieve their fitness goals. As a Personal Trainer, Jeanne trains both in and out of the water whatever meet the needs. She challenges each client through a variety of training methods at their fitness level. She is a compassionate trainer with a background in healing from her own knee and back weaknesses and rheumatoid arthritis. She also has great passion for water exercise and Pilates.

Charlyn Lopez: Charlyn is originally from Costa Rica, moving to Capitola with her husband in 2012. A certified Personal Trainer through ISSA since 2012, she is also certified a Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor since 2007. She wants to share her passion for healthy habits and exercise to help you succeed and achieve your goals. She will hold you accountable and teach you to view your health as an important responsibility. Her varied background helps her to add creativity, entertainment and dynamics to workouts making them a new and fun experience every time. She would love to help you achieve your fitness goals and teach you to enjoy a life of health and physical activity.
Amanda Muzzi: Originally from England, Amanda has lived in the Santa Cruz area for over 25 years. Starting her fitness career 28 years ago teaching land aerobics classes, she made the switch to water and has been teaching that for the last 20 years. She has kept current with fitness trends and teaches everything with the experience to and knowledge to modify the class/moves to fit the clientele. Although she has attempted to 'retire' several times, she keeps coming back as fitness is her passion (and we won't really let her leave). She teaches a few of our circuit classes and is available for private training in the water. Let her clean up your form to get the most out of the water aerobics classes or have her design a program to do on your own time.
Korrine Fitz: Korrine has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and has taught locally for over 20. With a background in dance, teaching fitness classes was a natural transition for her. Korrine is certified in many exercise modalities including yoga, group exercise, water, cycling, senior fitness, and Les Mills BodyPump. Korrine holds an MA in International Relations, speaks fluent French and is a tap dancing aficionado! Korrine is available for Personal Training and enjoys working one-on-one or in small groups. She would love to help you create a workout that you relish, be it on land, on the mat or in the weight room. Let Korrine utilize her varied background to customize the training you need for overall health and wellness.


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